” Nitish Kumar is back for his ninth term, rejoining the NDA and focusing on unity and development in Bihar. “

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Nitish Kumar, upon being sworn in as Bihar Chief Minister for the ninth time, expressed his commitment to unity, stating, “We are going to stay together now.” Returning to an alliance with the BJP, he acknowledged the complexities that led to his departure from the Mahagathbandhan in 2022, emphasizing that recent developments were not aligning well with his party.

In a press interaction, Nitish Kumar, aged 72, highlighted the challenges within the Mahagathbandhan and explained, “You all know how I came to this alliance and also how I worked to bring together so many parties. But of late, things were not working well. It was not going down well with those in my party as well.” He introduced BJP leaders Samrat Choudhary and Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha as the new Deputy Chief Ministers.

Reiterating his history with the NDA, Nitish Kumar asserted, “I was with them earlier too. We went on different paths, but now we are together and will remain so.” Emphasizing the continuity of his political journey, he added, “Today, eight people have taken oath as ministers; the rest will take oath soon.”

Responding to Tejashwi Yadav’s prediction that JD(U) would be finished in 2024, Nitish Kumar brushed off the concern, stating, “We will keep doing the same, nothing else. Tejashwi was not doing anything. Now I came back to where I was (NDA), and now there is no question of going anywhere else.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Nitish Kumar and his deputies, expressing confidence that the NDA government in Bihar would actively contribute to the state’s development. Notably, no leaders from Lalu Yadav’s RJD attended the oath-taking ceremony.

Nitish Kumar’s return to the NDA signaled his discontent with the Mahagathbandhan’s trajectory, both at the state level and within the newly formed opposition bloc INDIA.

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